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The object of this game is (at present) simply to guide your little spaceship to the exit of the level. Sounds easy enough, but the route from start to exit is rarely straightforward, and is often guarded...

Warning to parents: This game involves the concepts of "guns", "bullets" and "shooting". During the course of play, scenes depicting the dismemberment of wireframe polygons may be shown to the player. If you fear that your child(ren) may be adversely influenced by this game, then you're a pillock.





LEFTTurn left
RIGHTTurn right
SPACERespawn (when dead)
GTurn gravity on/off. This is probably cheating.
F12Skip to next level. This is definitely cheating.



Your ship.
Destroyable wall. Comes in various shapes and sizes. It's said to be "destroyable" because shooting destroys it.
Guns shoot at you if you get too close. Fortunately, you can shoot back.
Bullets. I can't believe I just made a 1x1 .gif ...
Home sweet home. Get your ship here in one piece, and you'll be on your way to the next level.
It's a magic switch. Fly onto the switch to make some magic thing happen.
An activated switch. Move on folks, nothing more to do here.


Known bugs

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