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Signing up is simple. Choose a name and password, and that's it. In the unlikely event that a name you choose has already been taken, you'll have to choose another (obviously). You'll need that password to log in next time, so don't forget it.


Editing overview

When you log in, all the levels you have created with that account will be downloaded. You may then edit them to your heart's content. When you're done, you can upload them (if you want to), replacing your old levels with the new ones. It's just like saving your work - I recommend you upload what you've done every so often, in case your machine crashes or something.

There's currently no limit to how many levels you can upload, and I don't mind either. You must be connected to the internet when you log in (so your levels can be downloaded), and when you upload your levels (obviously), but there is no need to be connected in between.


The Toolbox

Moving around

You can navigate around the level you are creating using the arrow keys on your keyboard. Each time you tap one of them, the display will move 20 pixels (one grid square) in that direction.


Drawing tools

Whenever you select one of the drawing tools (at the top of the toolbox), you will be in the "drawing mode" for that tool. You won't see anything special to tell you which mode you're in. Sorry. If you want to have no drawing mode selected, just press the right-hand mouse button. In general, the RMB cancels things.
WallUse this to draw the walls. Click once in the top left corner, then in the bottom right corner. It's got to be that way round! If you change your mind half way through drawing a wall, click the right mouse button to cancel it.
ShipPlace the player's ship. You probably won't need this, as one is placed for you to begin with.
GunDeploy one of those evil nasty gun things, to shoot the careless player down
BarrierOne of those destroyable wall things. Draw it in the same way as the walls.
ExitThe exit to take the player to the next level. Draw it just like the walls and barriers.
SwitchDraw a switch just as you would an exit, wall, or barrier. See the tag selector notes for an explanation of how switches work.
EraseTo erase something, just select this tool, and click on the thing to erase.



The grid comes in one size - 20x20 pixels. If the grid is turned on, you will see dots indicating the corners of grid squares, and any drawing operations will "snap" to this grid.


Angle chooser

Ships and guns may be placed facing in any direction; to select the direction, use the angle chooser. To pick a normal, sane compass direction, merely click one of the buttons around the circle. To choose the precise angle you want, you can click inside the circle, and the little red angle indicator will move. The easiest way to do this is to "drag" the red line around (try it, and you'll see what I mean). If you want to get really technical, you can type in the angle by hand. The default angular unit is the radian; click the little 'R' button to switch to degrees.


Colour chooser

Drag the sliders to change the current colour. This will have an effect on the colour of walls, barriers, guns and the player's ship. The colour setting will do nothing to affect switches and exits. The colour setting is specific to each drawing mode, so you can have one colour for walls, another for barriers, another for guns, etc.


Tag selector

Every switch has a "tag" associated with it - this is just a number. In addition, walls also have tag numbers. When a switch is triggered, all walls with the same tag as the switch will disappear. That's all switches can do at present.


Previous level/Next level buttons ('<' and '>')

Click these to view the previous/next level in your account. Currently, you must click "store" before doing so, or your editing will be undone!


"Info" button

Pops up a window allowing you to enter a brief name for the level, and your own name/handle/email. These will be shown the first time someone attempts the level.


"New" button

Creates a new level, adding it to the end of the list. The new level comes free with a ship already placed for your convenience.


"Store" button

Commits the changes you've made to memory. If you don't do this, your changes will be lost when you switch to viewing another level. Click this often - it's like a save button, but it won't actually upload your levels.


"Write" button

Click this to upload your levels! A window will pop up to keep you informed of the upload progress (normally pretty quick).


Known bugs

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