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If you've not played this game before, I suggest you try it out right away. If you get stuck, check the instructions. Should be pretty straightforward.


27/05/2006 - New users are able to sign up again. You could have warned me that this was broken...

25/02/2006 - You can now sort levels by rating. Note that the unrated levels appear at the end of the list. I've also improved the efficiency of the collision detection code, so levels with lots of objects (guns, etc.) shouldn't slow down so badly now.

20/02/2006 - I've implemented a ratings system, where levels are assigned various symbols indicating their features and flaws.

Obviously there's a huge backlog of levels to rate; once some of this is cleared I'll add the options to do things like list levels by rating, and hide broken levels.

In case of any problems, the old version is still available, but will be eventually be replaced by this one.

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